Sale Details

ONLY available during 5 day sale!

Sècra Shoes will initially operate on a sale model only.  That is - we have a limited supply order arriving from our factory at the end of our five day sale period.

- So there will be a delay in the order and when we ship them.  We anticipate a 4 Feb 2019 dispatch date though will endeavor to get them sent earlier!

- The footwear will only be available online. They will not be for sale in stores.

- The sale date will vary initially, we will advertise upcoming sale dates on our website. Countdown timer will indicate time until next sale.

Limited availability of footwear for sale: 

- Initially, we will have only a very small amount of footwear to sell, so if you want the shoe's, get them while you can, otherwise you will miss out! 

- Those who have subscribed to our email list will be given first opportunity to buy. 

- Due to the heavily restricted initial supply, missing out on your preferred size, colour and style is unfortunately a real possibility.  

- If you miss out on getting the footwear item that you want during the sale period, we have an additional 2 day window at the end of the 5 day sale period where you can pre-order your desired footwear for the next pre-sale (as well as the items being for pre-sale now), so that when the next pre-sale begins (approx 4-6 weeks later), you will have guaranteed that you have secured your desired footwear. Your footwear item will also be in the first lot to ship when the next pre-sale finishes.  This will be approx April 2019. 

When are orders sent?

- Orders will be express posted out at the end of the 5 day sale period (once they arrive into the country).

We anticipate a 4 Feb 2019 dispatch date though will endeavor to get them sent earlier!

Swapping size, colour or style and missing out:

- As mentioned, we only have a very limited supply of footwear initially. We order a certain amount for the sale, then we reserve a certain amount for people who want to swap size, style or colour. 

- If you have any questions please see our Returns and Warranty FAQ section here.  


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