Are these true to size?

Yes. We have very low returns for incorrect size.

I have a wide foot, will these fit me?

Yes, plenty of ladies with wide feet wear our shoes without issue. However, if you a wide foot, we recommend choosing half a size up.

I have a narrow foot, will these fit me?

Yes, but if you still need more ankle support you can add an extra hole in the ankle strap.

I have a bunion, can I still wear these?

Yes, all of our sandals are a suitable choice for people with bunions and the arch support should hopefully help to take some load of that part of the foot. Our soft Nappa leather moulds to the shape of your foot, preventing rubbing and discomfort.

Do you make more than one width in your footwear?

No, at this stage we only make one width in our footwear. In the future, we may consider making wide and narrow fitting options.

Will I get blisters in these?

Our soft nappa leather is unlikely to cause blisters, however, as with most new footwear your shoes may require a little 'wear in' time. Once the leather moulds to the shape of your foot you will never want to take them off. 

If you are experiencing any discomfort we recommend initially wearing your sandals for 20 minutes at a time. Please reach out to our customer service team for more information. 

For peace of mind we offer a 30 day Comfort Guarantee. 

I have pronated/ flat feet, will these shoes be comfortable for me?

Yes, Sécra Shoes are perfect for people with pronated feet aka flat feet. The arch support helps to support the foot in a more optimal position and reduces pronation.

I have supinated/ high arches, will these shoes be comfortable for me?

Yes, Sécra Shoes are great for people who have high arches as our footbeds are designed with up to 2.2 cm of arch support.  

The orthotic support helps to more evenly distribute the load and pressure across the foot. 

I am new to wearing arch supportive footwear, will these be uncomfortable?

While Secra shoes are very popular for ladies who normally wear this type of footwear, many of the ladies who wear our shoes do not have foot issues and are new to supportive footwear.

As the footbed is so soft, they are typically very comfortable as soon as you put them on. However, in some cases, if you do not usually wear supportive footwear, a little ‘wear in’ time may be required as your foot adjust to the arch.

For peace of mind we offer a 30 day Comfort Guarantee.