Our founder, Daniel Jones, set out on a mission in 2018 to create supportive footwear for women that complimented any style.

Daniel is an advocate for comfortable and supportive footwear, sharing his knowledge as a physiotherapist to the world through his leading arch support flip flop brand, Archies Footwear.

As Archies Footwear grew, Daniel was inundated with pleas from women around the globe who desired stylish footwear with arch support. It was clear that comfortable, supportive footwear had become a necessity for his customers and the demand for a brand like Sécra could no longer be ignored.

After many conversations with friends, family and customers, Daniel decided to take a leap into the women's footwear industry, creating the timeless styles you see today.

At Sécra, we have partnered with world-leading shoe manufacturers to bring you the most captivating and comfortable footwear collection in the market.

We focus on creating stunning footwear that is beneficial to your health. Our footwear is designed with the same amount of support you would wish to find in any off-the-shelf orthotic. Each shoe features a footbed that enhances optimal foot posture, aiding to whole body alignment and reducing the stress and strain caused by a flat-soled shoe.

We aim to reinvent the image of supportive footwear for women - making it stylish, versatile and comfortable.

Never compromise on your style again!

Join the Sècra Shoes family today.