Sécra Shoes are designed by an Australian Physiotherapist with the purpose of creating footwear that women around the world can live in day in day out without subjecting themselves to the damage that can occur from wearing typical flat shoes. Simply put, from a health perspective, most women's shoes are poorly designed and are terrible for your feet.

After years of listening to the requests of ladies around the world for a supportive sandal the team at Archies Footwear began to develop Sécra Shoes as its sister brand.  Both we and our customers know how important it is to care for your health and well being and how a simple choice like wearing the right footwear can have a huge impact on your life. 

Our aim was to design guilt free footwear that provides women with comfort and support they never thought possible in womens shoes. Sécra Shoes patented, highly specialised foot-bed has the same amount of support that you would find in a typical orthotic which enhances optimal foot posture thereby aiding whole body alignment and reducing stress and strain that would otherwise be transferred to the body.

Regardless of whether or not you suffer from foot problems or if you get sore after wearing flat shoes, now that you can have extreme comfort, support and style, why risk damaging your feet through poorly designed, non-supportive footwear? 

Make the choice to wear shoes that are designed to support your feet in the correct manner, yet still make you look and feel great!