The Sécra journey

Sécra Shoes were designed by our founder Daniel Jones, an Australian Physiotherapist, in 2017. Daniel already had another arch support footwear business, Archies Footwear, and through his interaction with customers through selling Archies, he soon realised his customers were frustrated with the lack of options when it came to finding attractive women’s shoes with support that did not compromise style. 

Daniel always visualised creating stylish arch support shoes for ladies at some stage, but the complex and changing nature of ladies fashion left him thinking this was an idea for the future.

However after constant requests from his loyal customers, he soon accepted he could no longer ignore their pleas, and decided to delve into and learn everything he could about the world of ladies footwear.

Over the next two years, Daniel utilised the knowledge and connections he developed from years of learning with Archies Footwear, partnering with some of the world's leading footwear manufacturers to develop a footwear range that would solve the design flaws of 'typical' ladies shoes.

Daniel’s loyal Australian customers were the first to experience Sécra Shoes, and all played a significant role in the business evolving into what you see today.

In our first two years of selling in Australia, our customers were able to give us a great understanding of how the shoes felt and what features they were after. In fact, Chloe, one of our designers, called every single customer in the first year and asked them questions about the design and fit. This feedback was truly helpful in amending our designs and progressing as a brand.

The footwear you see today has changed drastically from the initial few designs that were tested with our family and friends. We’re excited to now be at a stage where our footwear is ready to go out into the big wide world! Our dream is to see our shoes being worn by women all over the world, exploring and conquering their goals.

You may ask, how did an Australian company like ours come up with the name Sécra? At the beginning, Daniel tried to be a little clever and spell his other footwear business name - Archies - backward, and as such, the name Seihcra was born. Originally, we loved the name! It was unique to our story and reminded us of the experiences we had encountered on our Archies journey.

However, people were finding Seihcra a little hard to pronounce... (try saying it out loud!). After some honest feedback from family and friends, we decided to alter it a little to make it easier to spell and pronounce. After some deliberation and debate, we landed on Sécra, pronounced 'Sé-Crah'.

Just like Sécra, our team is growing. It started off as just Daniel and now it is full of his family and friends. We see working with family and friends as an incredible opportunity as we all thrive in each of our areas. So if you ever feel the need to drop us a line to say hello, please feel free to! 

We love to hear from our customers and value your relationship with us and the brand. It's your voice that has helped, and continues to help, shape our shoes and our business. We are all ears.

We hope that you adore them, travel the world in them and have many happy memories with them.

Cheers, Dan and the Sécra Team.