Why it's time to make the change to supportive footwear

Let’s face it, it’s easy to buy flat footwear, they are cute and available instantly almost anywhere.

It’s not until you’ve been standing on your feet all day at an event or work, or walking miles and miles until you think to yourself ‘my feet are killing me, why did I buy these shoes?!’. 

For me, there’s nothing worse than that moment, in the past I even found myself doing that awkward foot shuffle trying to find a comfier position on the footbed to give my feet some respite. Nobody has time for that, it is 2021, we know what we want! 

Finding the right footwear is like finding the right mattress for your body, it’s essential for your everyday comfort and health. 

Sécra Shoes was born from the feedback of women all around the world who wear our other arch support brand, Archies Flip Flops. Our customers would beg us to design footwear just as comfortable as their flip flops but in a style they can wear on any occasion - unlike our team, not everyone can get away with flip flops in the office every day. 

We knew our mission was simple, to create stylish, timeless shoes that do four things: 

  1. Feel Comfortable - I mean really comfortable, in our testing phase we spent two years walking and walking in our sample designs, we analysed every part of the shoe to make sure you would be comfortable.

  1. Support the foot - Our footbeds are designed with up to 2.2cm of arch support, helping align the body and better distribute pressure across your arches, providing stability, balance and easing foot pain. Poor foot posture is a contributing factor in a wide range of conditions and dysfunctions involving the back, hip, knee, and foot.

  1. Include the Highest Quality Footbed materials - Our footbed is made from a specialized foam that moulds to the shape of your foot gradually with wear. It also has extremely high shock-absorbing capacity. Meaning you can walk for hours and still feel like you have a cushioned and comfortable footbed under your feet. Customers have said they feel like they are “walking on clouds”.

  1. Elevate the Heel - This was an important feature we added to our shoes to help reduce the load on the calf and achilles tendon. It makes our shoes perfect for people who suffer from sore heels, calf and achilles pain after spending all day on their feet.

By bringing supportive footwear into your life you'll be actively preventing discomfort, injuries and ongoing issues before they even exist. And if you’re someone like me with deadly plantar fasciitis already, you will be introduced to a world of comfort and pain alleviation. Now is the time for change, you won’t regret it. 

Love, Chloe x