About Us

Sécra Shoes were designed by Daniel Jones, an Australian Physiotherapist. Daniel already had another arch support footwear business, and after having much hands-on experience and interaction with customers through selling his other footwear, he soon realised that his customers were frustrated with the lack of options when it came to finding nice looking ladies shoes with support.

Daniel always knew he would do arch support shoes for ladies at some stage, but always viewed it as one of the last businesses he would start due to the complex and changing nature of ladies fashion.

However, with the constant request from his loyal customers, he soon accepted that he could no longer ignore these pleas, so he decided to delve into and learn everything he could about the world of ladies footwear.

Using the knowledge and connections he developed from his previous business, Dan partnered with some of the worlds leading footwear manufacturers to develop an incredibly comfortable footwear range that would solve the design flaws of 'typical' ladies shoes.

The footwear Daniel has developed contains the same amount of support that you will find in an 'off the shelf' orthotic, providing support and comfort never thought able to be possible in a ladies shoe, while still incorporating a sleek and aesthetically pleasing look. 

You may ask, how did we come up with the name Sécra when we are an Australian company? Daniel tried to be a little clever and spell his other footwear business name backward, and as such, the name Seihcra was decided. We thought that the name choice was a little funny due to the experiences we'd previously encountered with our other brand, and it had a bit of a story behind it. 

However, people were finding Seihcra a little hard to pronounce... (try saying it out loud!) As such, with some honest feedback from family and friends, we decided to alter it a little to make it easier to spell and pronounce. After some deliberation and debate, we landed on Sécra, pronounced 'Sé-Crah'.

Anyway, that's how Sécra Shoes was born. We are a new brand and would love your feedback about your experience with your Sécra Shoes. It is your voice that helps us shape our shoes and our brand. We are all ears!

We hope that you adore them, travel the world with them and have many happy memories with them!

Let the journey begin, thanks for being with us every step of the way. 

Cheers, Dan and the Sécra Team 


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Size Guide

Sécra shoes are true to size. However we get not all feet are the same, below are some handy tips when you are choosing your size.

Wide Feet: If you have a wide foot we recommend you size up a half size up.

We have created a sizing chart for you to help you choose the perfect size of your Sécra Shoe. If you have any doubts as to which size to select, we suggest that you measure your feet and check the corresponding recommended size in the size chart. 

We also have detailed sizing notes in the product description for each sandal. Please review the notes for the sandal you are ordering to get the right size.

What's the best way to measure your feet?


If you already own some footwear from our other brand, please disregard this sizing, the sizing for Sécra Shoes is different. When selecting your Sécra Shoes size, just select your normal ladies shoe size.

If you do choose the wrong size, don't worry, we have a 100% free exchange process.
To find out the details, please read our Returns Policy.

*All styles go to size 10.5. At this stage, the Poppy sandal is the only style that we go to size 11 in. Bigger and smaller sizes to come soon.

Still a little unsure? Please contact our customer care team at support@secrashoes.com and we will happily help you select the correct size.