Arch Support

Level of Arch Support

At Sécra we understand all soles have different needs. It is impossible to adequately cater for all feet with one arch profile, as a result, all Sécra Shoes come in a Standard Arch support model and a High Arch Support model. Having the two arch profiles allows us better cater for your arch type and support needs. 

Which one is better, the High Arch or the Standard Arch?

One arch profile is not necessarily better than the other. Both arch profiles have substantial orthotic / arch support and have a similar amount of support to that found in "off the shelf" orthotics. It’s just that the High Arch has increased support in comparison to the Standard Arch and one arch profile may be more suited to your foot type, personal preference and what you are used to. E.g - If you are used to wearing orthotics or other support footwear.

I have an injury or dysfunction (E.g - Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, knee, hip or back pain etc), which arch type should I get?

Unless specifically instructed by your health professional to select or avoid a certain arch profile or degree of support, the fact that you have a particular injury or dysfunction has little to do with which arch profile you should get. Which arch profile to select is more dependant on your arch type and experience with orthotics and supportive footwear. The below information should provide you with sound advice as to which arch profile to choose!

So, how do I know which model is the right one for me?

Lets make this decision a simple one.

Arch Profile: Select if:
High Arch  

- If you are used to wearing orthotics or other supportive shoes and sandals.

- If you have high or normal type arches. 

Standard Arch  

- If you are not used to wearing orthotics or supportive footwear.

- If you have low arches / flat feet as the High Arch will likely feel that it has too much support (unless of course you are used to wearing orthotics with a lot of support).

- If unsure of which arch profile to go with, definitely go with the Standard Arch. It contains legitimate orthotic support and is super comfortable! You can consider going for the High Arch for your next pair, once your feet are used to having the support.


Arch Type Guide:

Flat - Low Arches - Archies Arch Support Thongs - Fli[p Flops - Orthotic SandalsFlat - Low Arches - Archies Arch Support Thongs - Fli[p Flops - Orthotic SandalsFlat - Low Arches - Archies Arch Support Thongs - Fli[p Flops - Orthotic Sandals
If you're still unsure about which arch profile to select after reading the above information, please feel free to contact our experts in our customer care team and we will happily point you in the right direction!

Getting used to the feel of cra Shoes

Most people put on Sécra Shoes and they find them to be instantly and incredibly comfortable! However, for some people, getting used to the support can take some time and in some occasions, you may even experience some soreness. In the unlikely event your footwear is not instantly comfortable, do not worry, your feet are just adjusting to their new friends. The footwear will gradually mould to the shape of your foot and should become much more comfortable.

This is similar to when someone first starts wearing orthotics, in that it is very common that people feel some soreness as their feet adjust to having an arch under them and also due to the changes that occur from the re-correcting of foot posture. When wearing orthotics in for the first time, Podiatrist frequently recommend that you wear them for short periods of time while your feet adjust to the orthotic.

In the case, we suggest to follow a similar principle to what the Podiatrist recommend and to wear them in gradually. E.g - You might like to wear them for an hour or so a day and gradually increase this until your feet become more comfortable with the arch. 

If you feel you have given the footwear a good try, but are still experiencing discomfort, (we normally recommend at least 2 weeks of wearing the footwear in before you make your mind up) and they are not starting to get much more comfortable (they should be very comfortable!), then it is likely that the arch profile that you have chosen is not the most suitable for your foot.

In this case, the best thing would be to try the other arch profile and in most cases the result is an immediate improvement in comfort level!

In the unlikely instance that you are not 100% satisfied with your chosen arch profile, do NOT stress, we have a great returns policy!

Swapping the shoes for the other arch profile:

If the shoes are in a BRAND NEW condition - We can swap them for the other arch profile 100% FREE of charge (we will even pay for the shipping both ways).

If the shoes are in a USED condition -  Then we have what we believe to be a reasonable solution and you can take us up on our worn exchange policy Basically, for 50% of the original purchase price we can swap them for the other arch profile, even if they have been worn!. This price includes all return shipping cost. 

This must be with 30 days of delivery. See our Exchanges, Refunds & Warranty Policy for further information. 

It is important to note; a bit of soreness when wearing the footwear in can be the normal experience for some people, however, if you experience actual pain, then you should NOT push through this! If soreness or pain persists, discontinue wearing the footwear, notify our customer care team and please contact your health care professional.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the arch type, please feel free to contact our customer care team by submitting a request here

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