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At this stage, our footwear is ONLY available online. They are NOT available in any stores. However, please do not let this deter you. We have an awesome and super simple returns policy!

Basically, if you select the wrong size, style, colour or arch profile, providing they are in a new condition, we can swap them over for another pair 100% FREE of charge.

If you no longer wish to keep them, you can send them back for a full refund (you just need to pay for postage). If you have worn them and you're not fully satisfied, then you can still even send them back for a partial refund (we will refund you 50% of the original sale price).

For full information, please see our Returns & Warranty policy.

We accept all major cards - MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and Afterpay. 

Yes, we support Afterpay as a payment option - yay.  

Simply select this as your preferred method during the checkout process. 

Unfortunately we are unable to accept orders by phone as we do not have the facilities set up to be able to do this.

However, if you're having any difficulties placing your order or you're new to online shopping and just need a hand, then no stress at all, we will be more than happy to help out!

Please just get in touch with us via our contact us form and we will get back in touch with you ASAP to assist you in making your order. 


For all shipping information and related questions please see Shipping 

Returns & Warranty:

For all Return & Warranty information and related questions, please see Returns & Warranty

Injuries & Conditions:

Unless specifically instructed by your health professional to select or avoid a certain arch profile or degree of support, the fact that you have a particular injury or dysfunction has little to do with which arch profile you should choose.

Which arch profile to select is more dependant on your arch type and experience with wearing orthotics and supportive footwear. Please see the  information on Which Arch Profile should I select? for further information.

This  should provide you with sound advice as to which arch profile to choose, however, if you are still unsure, please feel free to fill in our online arch type assessment form and we will get back to you with our best recommendations. 

Secra Shoes are great for people with Plantar Fasciitis and or Heel Spurs and will be a far better option for you than wearing typical ladies shoes which offer no support and are often have footbeds that are not much softer than a wooden floor (an absolute disaster for someone suffering from plantar fasciitis)!

Secra Shoe's are made from a very soft and super comfortable foam material which has very high shock attenuating capacity which is great for reducing the stress and strain that would be otherwise transferred to the vital structures of the feet such as the plantar fascia.

The arch support helps to support the foot in a more optimal position which helps to take load and stress of the heel and plantar fascia allowing a more optimal healing environment to occur. 

So yes, if you're going to be wearing ladies shoes, Secra Shoe's will be a much better option for you. Plantar Fasciistis is a difficult condition to treat, but wearing the right footwear is one of the most crucial starting points! 

Secra Shoe's are great for people with Bunion's and will be a far better option for you than wearing typical ladies shoes which offer no support

It's important to be crystal clear, that once bunions have developed, you cannot change this, except with surgery. So nothing will change the fact that someone already has bunions, however, there are certainly things that can make them progressively worsen and these factors are often the things that you can change. There are many different causes of Bunions, hereditary factors being a substantial one that you cannot change, however, one factor that you can change are wearing footwear with no arch support.

In flat footwear with no arch support, if you are predisposed to rolling in at the feet (pronating), then this squashes the big toe inwards every time your foot contacts the ground. Over time, this repetitive rolling in of the feet and subsequent squashing in of the big toe can lead to bunions.

While we cannot change the bunion that is present, reducing the rolling in of the foot through the arch support will help take stress off the big toe which will help prevent it from worsening and may also provide some pain relief if pain is present.

It's also worth noting that Secra Shoe's footbed are made from a super comfortable and specialised foam material that are generally thicker and softer than normal ladies shoes which is great for reducing stress and strain on the big toe, giving the big toe a softer more comfortable environment to function which may provide some pain relief if the bunions are painful. 

So in summary, we cannot change the Bunions that are present, but if poor foot biomechanics are contributing to the issue, we can dramatically reduce or stop their progression by wearing the right footwear!

In fact, some of our footwear (The Jess and Halle Sandals) will completely cover your bunion, so no-one will even no that you have them ;) 

Absolutely! Irrespective of whether or not you have problems with your feet or if you get sore wearing 'typical' ladies shoes, Sècra Shoe's will be a much better option for you than wearing typical flat ladies shoes!

'Typical' ladies shoes are poorly designed with no arch support and have poor shock absorbing capacity, which results in much of the stress and strain being transferred to the musculoskeletal system. 

In the short term, wearing flat non-supportive footwear can lead to body aches, tiredness and sore feet, but in the long term, can lead to permanent dysfunction and injury such as bunions and plantar fasciistis. 

Sècra Shoes are designed by a Physiotherapist to solve many of the issues associated with 'typical' ladies shoes.

Sècra Shoe's patented foot-bed has the same amount of support that you would find in a typical orthotic which helps to support optimal foot posture which can have a substantial effect on whole body alignment and therefore the way you feel!

Our footwear is made from a specialised form of foam material never seen before in ladies footwear. The specialised foam material is highly shock absorbent and this combines with the patented arch support to reduce stress and strain that would otherwise be transferred to the musculoskeletal system.

The end result is comfort levels never thought possible in ladies footwear and shoes that are better for you and your health!

Manufacturing - Product design, usability & durability

When designing the footwear, Dan's philosophy was simple. Make the very best product possible without cutting any corners. That's Dan's basic philosophy for any product, just make the best product that he can and the rest will take care of itself. 

As such we use:

- Premium quality foam for our footbed. The footbed does NOT contain any rubber or latex. 

- For our upper and lining materials, we use 100% premium quality and responsibly sourced leather (see Manufacturing - Social & Environmental Responsibilities).

- We do NOT use any synthetic materials (except where Velcro, elastic expanders or zips are used). 

- Our footbed covers (material that lines the footbed) use and very soft and incredibly comfortable sheep suede.

- Our uppers use premium quality leather, primarily nappa and seude.

- Our outsoles are made from natural rubber. WARNING to anyone with a rubber or latex allergy (however, this part of shoe does not contact the body but may indirectly come into contact with the skin). 

Yes! All Secra Shoes will be far better for walking longer distances than typical flat ladies shoes! However, some styles will be better for long distance walking than others. 

For sandals, the Willow is the best long distance walking sandal making them the ultimate travelling sandal! This sandal is well secured to your foot allowing you to walk miles and miles, something not possible in most ladies shoes!

As the Poppy has an ankle strap, it is also good for walking longer distances in.

The Jess Slide and Halle Crossover sandal are also fine for walking longer distances in and will be far more effective than the same type of sandals that are flat, however, as they do not have an ankle strap, they are not as well suited to walking longer distances like the Willow and poppy sandals. 

Based on feedback from people who claim that they are very heavy on their feet and normally wear through shoes quickly, Sècra Shoe's have excellent durability!

Expect the suede footbed cover (the material on top of the footbed) to wear down and darken (just like Birkenstocks).

Expect the footbed to imprint a little as it moulds to the shape of your foot.

Expect the gold Sècra logo on the top of the footbed to wear off after a few wears. Note - this has nothing to do with quality. We had the option of embossing the logo onto the footbed which does not wear off, however, this creates a noticeable channel / cavity with the words Secra which we found can detracts from the comfort as you can feel the logo. As such, we found it was best to have the logo printed on the top of the footbed. It will rub off after a few wears, but it's much more comfy (the very reason you are buying the shoes in the first place)! 

Unfortunately, at this stage, we do not have any vegan options available. All of our  Shoes are comprised of 100% premium leather uppers.  However, stay tuned, we have plans to do this down the track.

Manufacturing - Social & Environmental responsibilities:

We are 100% Australian owned and operated small family business and all our shoes are designed here in Australia. While we would absolutely love to be able to make our footwear here in Australia, due to the high cost to manufacture our footwear, we outsource the manufacturing to our partner factory in China (also a small family run business). If we were not to do this, we simply would not have a feasible business as the end price we would need to sell the footwear for would be too high and no-one would buy them (well maybe a few would as they are pretty amazing!). Furthermore, if it could be done in Australia, many of the parts would have to be imported anyway. The price to produce our footwear is already so high that there is not sufficient margin to supply wholesale (hence why we are online only). I hope you can understand, but this is why the majority of footwear manufacters are offshore.

Our manufacturing partner is a small family run business and the work conditions within the factory are excellent.

We have a brilliant relationship with our factory, we speak to them on a daily basis and we visit them once every couple of months. Half the time is spent laughing and joking with them ;)

The work conditions are just as per any normal job in China. The factory adhere to the government law for wages, benefits, holiday pay, sick pay and annual leave. Absolutely under no circumstances do they employ any child labour. One, our factory would never do that, and second, most brands like ours would not want to work with any factory that did that or did not have a safe and hospitable environment for their workers to work in. 

Our factory also have strong policies surrounding factory safety and environmental protection (nothing is wasted and most thing's are recycled). 

We have a very strict environmental impact policy both within our own company and the factories we source our raw materials from. 

The tanneries in which we source our leather from are all Gold rated suppliers audited by the LWG (Leather Working Group), the peak body for Environmental Standards that develops and maintains protocols that assesses the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers and promotes sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry.

Within our own company, we recycle all our packaging cardboard, paper, plastic and worn shoes. 

Product Care Instructions:

There are no specific care instructions for most of our footwear. Just standard pre-cautions like don't leave them in direct sunlight and try not to get them wet where possible.

We do recommend protecting our suede footwear with a suede protector spray.

I'm a Health Practitioner:

Whilst we would love to be in a position to supply our footwear at wholesale price to Retail Stores and Health Practices, at this present stage, due to the high price to produce our footwear, they are only available for sale through our online store.

However, this may change in time.

In due course we will launch a health professionals program.

If you're interested to learn more about our health professionals program, please send us an email to  support@secrashoes.comand we will add your details to the list. 

We will also notify you by this sign up email if our position with regards to supplying wholesale to Health Practices changes.  

Wholesale Enquiries

At this present stage, due the high price to produce our footwear, they are only available for sale through our online store and we presently do not supply Retail Stores and Health Practices.

However, this may change in time. If you're interested in selling our footwear in your store or practice, please sign up at our wholesale sign up page. If our situation changes, we will notify you straight away. 

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