Just like your feet, your Sécra Shoes need to be cared for.  We recommend you protect your newly purchased Sécra Shoes with a Water & Stain Protectant and further nourish with natural waxes by using a leather conditioner.

When and Why?

Water & Stain Protectant: Spray this 20cm away from the sandals before you take them on their first date. This will help prevent the leather from being stained from the likes of water or a little vino spill. 

While you are at it, spray your other shoes and leather/suede bags ;) 

This is a good habit to do every couple of months for your shoes. 

Conditioner: Nourish your leather with natural waxes with a leather conditioner. This will help maintain the beautiful colour and clean any dirt.

A little TLC goes a long way when you wear your sandals all day every day. Not only are you looking after your feet, but you are also looking after your favourite shoes.